“Teaching myself writing through reading”

Instead of underlining sections in my novels and dog-earing the pages in a complicated referencing system, I decided to keep all my notes together online.

I’d often get to the end of a book and be able to say that yes, I liked it, or no, I didn’t like the book, but I wasn’t often able to articulate why.

This project is designed to slow down my reading so I actually notice things as I go. I’m focussing on the craft of writing: why I laugh where I laugh, why I’m bored when I get bored, why I get lost or confused or distanced from the writing. Or why some sentences just make me say yes.

This won’t be a book review blog, and I’ll try not to talk too much about plot unless it’s totally necessary. It’s more an analysis, and a personal one at that, of my reactions to reading each book. The whole point is to improve my own writing.


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